the cube - multiplicity in unity

It is an incontrovertible fact that any perfect cube has 6 equal square sides.
Everyone is perpendicular to the other in their interrelationship.
This however gives rise to the formation of 8 apexes, each one being a meeting point of 3 sides of the cube and at the same time is the top of a triangular pyramid; the base of which is the equilateral triangle constructed by the 3 diagonals of the aforementioned 3 sides.

Furthermore, by simple mathematical verification, we can comprehend that if the volume of any perfect cube is divided into 1000 cubic units (10x10x10) at this point we can identify a pyramid-like volume, its equilateral base tangential to the above mentioned equilateral triangle in the essential cube. Whereby the exact path of splitting that pyramid-like volume and the remaining volume of the cube itself can be identified.

By opening the pyramid-like volume in any of the three possible directions by 180 degrees, and perfectly folding it onto its counterpart in the remaining volume of the cube, it becomes apparent that the number of inner smaller cubes is exactly 99.