the cube - description

"The Hidden Dimension of the Cube" is an Islamic sacred work of art. It comprises a book entitled "The Attributes of Divine Perfection" and its three-dimensional depiction represented by "The Cube" itself.
When The Cube is open, 99 cubic units are revealed, each of which bears a "Divine Attribute" written in square-Kufic script.

The book is a soft cover edition of 224 pages measuring 20 x 16.7 cm (8 x 6 in).
It reproduces, in Arabic and English, "The Most Sublime Purpose in Explaining the Attributes of Divine Perfection" by Abu Hamid al-Ghazzali. The Arabic text is complemented by fifty-two full page and thirteen "double-page" colour plates by Dr. Ahmed Moustafa. Each Attribute is indicated by a golden icon which directly refers to the 99 cubic units contained in The Cube.

The Cube is a "multiple" of a sculpture by Dr Ahmed Moustafa.
The original, after the painting The Attributes of Divine Perfection (1987) – created by the same Author – is in silver and ebony (cm. 50 x 50 x 50).
Another version of the same sculpture, representing the open cube, followed in 1998 (cm. 49 x 49 x 98). The 1998 version consists of one hundred transparent methacrylate bars which – by means of illumination from the base – creates a unique light effect suspended in space .
The Hidden Dimension of The Cube is made of synthetic resin. The golden parts, representing the Attributes, are laminated with twenty-four carat gold.
The dimension of the closed cube is 167 x 167 x 167 millimetres. When the sculpture is opened, the height of The Cube is 317.3 millimetres.

The packing
The book and The Cube are contained in a rigid cardboard box measuring 20x20x20 centimetres and weighing approx. 1,9 kilos.

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